Papua New Guinea Rosewood Picture Frame

Phil Lifesy from Trew Tropical Hardwoods in Longview Texas brought me
some samples of this imported hardwood last month. It was very nice of him
to drop the boards by. I decided to make the first project with them recently....
framing a picture from our wedding reception that my father in law had blown up for us.
The wood is easy to work, yet very hard...reminds me of Mahogany. Since the picture
was on a thick backing and was over 1/4" thick, I decided to use my new panel door
router bits to make the frame.

I also decided to put another frame around the frame and trim it out. This was made from mahogany
strips I had laying around....funny thing was the Mahogany and the Rosewood (also known as PNG Sandalwood) were almost a perfect match. So that led me to stain the outer frame with
Jacobean Minwax stain for a little contrast.

Here's a link to the page where the exotic woods pics are from Phil's first visit to the shop...

Exotic Hardwoods