Decks 78 Davis

This deck was our first using hidden fasteners. We found a supplier that was able to meet the cost expectations
of both the client and myself....we used Tiger Claw fasteners and the final look of the deck turned out fantastic!

This deck was designed by Mr & Mrs Davis and uses the thicker 5/4" Ipe. We spaced our joists to 30" [acceptable span is 36"
with his decking] to insure a strong deck surface. Each fastener was installed in a groove cut by a biscuit jointer and it went
suprisingly fast. Ipe comes in 3/4" thick [1x], 1" thick [5/4"x] and 1 1/2" thick [2x]. Between the 3/4" and 5/4" the cost
difference isn't much since framing costs are reduced with the thicker lumber.

The Davis' have a beautiful backyard and a pair of rain chains that carry the rain down to French drains in the yard. One of
them was going to land on the deck so we made the trp door access point right there and routed/drilled a drain hole. Along one wall, we also
installed a false step to cover a foundation outcropping.

Rain chain and the 'barely visible' trap door.....

The second deck and it's steps came off the master bedroom outside door....great idea to flare the steps John!