Decks 16
The Ipe deck by the pool...

We also cantilevered this deck 18" out over the pool's edge. This dictated the use of the finest decking
available which is Ipe (eepay). This wood carries a 40 year guarantee! It's so dense that water cannot soak in. It actually sinks in water. The wood has a high silica content, so it's hard on blades, but it was surprisingly easy to work. The natural grain of this lumber is gorgeous as you can see in the pics below.

The cost is roughly 2.5 times that of treated lumber, but it's life is 3-4 times as long and the maintenance is
much less work. I highly recommend anyone who will be living in their home for a long time
to consider the use of this decking.

Here's the space before and in the phases of construction. Notice the upper slab is higher.